ÖZFEN KALIP-The Die Specialist of Cold Forging Machines

ÖZFEN KALIP which was founded in 1983, operates by the management of General Manager Fehmi ÖZAYDIN. Özfen Kalıp,is one of the most experieneced mold manufacturer of Turkey, who manufactures and exports screw, bolt, nut and river molds while vending cold forging molds to Turkey and Middle-East, to be used in fasteners manufacture.
Özfen Kalıp, who own high manufacture technology with their advanced machinery, have a large range of production from single-station press to multi-station press and manufacturing bolt-screw-nut-rivet dies, nut die case, matrix, trimming dies, extrusion dies, punch, the gripper,  cutting blades, spring header cartridge, hexagon segment head and four edge head, drilling pin and DIN 912.  They import thread rolling dies, punches and carbides. By taking stock of these products high volume, they serve customers  rapidly.
Credit card and installment sales option offerin Özfen Kalıp, aims to serve up their customers by quality products over the most competitive prices.

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