Özfen is Assertive on Mold Import!

Özfen Kalıp which had been established in 1983 as one of the oldest mold manufacturers of Tur­key started to make importation of the products that it does not manufacture.
Özfen Kalıp that manufactures the cold forg­ing dies used at the production of fasteners and sales them to Turkey and Middle East, is one of the experienced molders of Turkey with its pro­ductions and exportation of screw, bolt, nut and rivet dies.
Özfen that has large machinery track and high production technology, produces screw-bolt-nut-rivet dies, nut former dies, die, trimming dies, extrusion dies, punch, transfer finger, cut-off knifes, segmented hex carbide dies and drill­er pins with its wide range of production from single-station presses to multi-station part for­mer machines.

Fehmi Özaydın, General Manager of Özfen Kalıp expressed that with the purpose of providing service to the customers with more products, they started to make importation of the products that they did not manufacture and the imports were basically coming from Far East and Europe.

Fehmi Özaydın, who indicated that they im­ported thread rolling dies and punch, said that they had high-volume stocks for each product and they could make a direct delivery from stock in order to make delivery to the customers in a very short period of time. Mr. Özaydın, who said that they offered the opportunities of installment and sale with credit cards, mentioned that their purpose was to offer qualified products to the customers with the most affordable prices.

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